Dive into the rich world of Arnan.
Learn of old secrets and forgotten stories, in strange tongues and with the names of creatures most do not speak of.

The Map of the Land

“The woman dropped her head back and laughed. And if her voice was haunting, her laugh struck something straight through Leiel’s soul. It was bells and growls and rushing water all rolled into one booming expression of pure abandon. “How am I dangerous? Oh—daughter of free spaces—there is nothing more dangerous than a woman walking in the wild.”

QUOTE FROM DRAÍGON WEATHER, Legacies of Arnan, Book One

Glossary of Terms

Learn and familiarize yourself with the language and terms used by the people of Arnan.

Adfen The Major city of the Spur region
Afonaedor Land of the snaking river
Annaluft Rayyat The Great Desert in southwest Arnan
Ardrows Dur Western Ocean, also called Across Water
Bajor The major trading port on the west coast of Arnan. Western end of the trade roads. Largest city in Ceardedur
Blayth Hound Wild dogs not native to Spur region, trained for guard dogs/attack dogs
Brekko Face cover made by the desert traders designed to keep out dust and debris in desert wind
Brenenti Central region of Arnan, where the capitol city, Sibora, is located
Bynkrol Draighil Enclave located near Bajor. One of two remaining, fully active, Draighil training sites
Ceardedur Western region north of Annaluft Rayyat and south of Gwinlad. Know among traders as “the long walk to water”
Cefreid Farlan term for someone not of Farlan descent
Clumnis Small island near shore of southwest coast.
Clyfsirth Coastal town at the western end of the southern trade road.
Crosswell Town on far southern trade road, located at river crossing.
Crubanis Island east of Hernis, known as Turtle Island.
Cruwigros Land of low, wet walking. Marshland region in northeast Arnan.
Cuila Vision herb that allows Gweld state to be managed. Used early in Draighil training.
Dehir Dur South ocean, also called Long South Water.
Dinist Draighil Enclave located between Inris and Giddor, destroyed, and no longer active.
Diflan Draighil Enclave north of Oryok, abandoned, and no longer active
Dolencul Dur Southern strait known for dangerous tides and currents
Dorn The trail lead of a merchant caravan

Draigfen Draigon Touched Woman. A woman who has been influenced by a Draigon
Draighil Draigon slayer trained by the Enclaves
Draigon Gigantic flying creature to which the Farlan Sacrifice women to counteract Draigon Weather
Draigon Weather Extreme drought conditions caused by the presence of Draigon
Draigre Candidate for the position of Draighil
Drearloc Carnivorous insects that travel in large groups underground, and emerge to devours any animals above ground. Travel in large groups.
Ehlewer Draighil Enclave located in The Spur – One of the two remaining, fully active, Enclaves in charge of training Draighil
Enclave Farlan organizations in charge of training Draighil
Eroganke One of the two gods worshiped by the Sanctuary priests – “The God of Belief”
Ercew Strong alcoholic beverage that is highly addictive
Farlan Descendant of the Far Landers
Fen Fennar word for woman
Fennar The language of the old people of Arnan
Gernis Island east of Giddor, very near the coast
Giddor Port city on the South-Southeast Coast, major city of Plynduirn region
Glasvetal Central grasslands
Gweld Trance state allowing expansion of senses, and hyper-natural physical and mental response. Also, allows limited connection of multiple consciousnesses, and projection of illusions.
Gwindor The major city of the Gwinlad region. Accessed mostly by water.
Gwinlad Wine region
Hernis Long island south of Giddor and Gernis
Hlewlion Mountain cat, cunning and very dangerous
Ilris Southern city south of Melbis
Kee’s Ferry Ferry crossing and riverport.
Kittown Town located in Cearddedur. Known for its glass artisans
Lesuthcwithnis Large island off southwest coast of Arnan. Sometimes called Left Boot Isle.

Longshore Fishing village on the south shore of Hernis
Nearshore Fishing village on north shore if Gernis
Northship Small shipping port and fishing town north of Bajor. Established by the Farlan.
Nys Draighil Enclave located on Tahnis. Abandoned due to volcanic activity, no longer active
Orlis Large town in far northeastern Arnan, the Cruwigros region.
Oryok A major east coast trade city located in Afonaedor. Eastern end of the trade roads.
Overlash The physical and psychological backlash that comes as the aftermath of using the Gweld state.
Plynduirn Eastern plains region
Poit Steam-based bathing chamber similar to a wood-fired, dry sauna
Ruhelrn The Lead Sword of a Caravan
Seebo Ferry Ferry crossing of the Seebo River, located on the trade road west of Melbis
Sibora Capital of the Land of Arnan in the Brenenti region. Location of the Palace of the King. Central City known for arts and wine and fine food and drink.
The largest city in Arnan. Known also for fine Inns, spas, and Memorial Garden.
Sowd Fishing village on the east shore of Lesuthcwithnis
Tahnis Island of southwest coast. Known as the Fire Isle for its active volcano. No longer inhabited.
Trachwant One of the two gods worshiped by the Sanctuary priests – “The God of Desires”
Waymete Crossroads town on the far southern trade road
Wedill Draighil Enclave located in the mountains near Orlis. Only a few Draighil trainers remain. Mostly used as an archive site.
Wyntoc Dur Eastern ocean, known for strong, gusting winds near shore