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Paige possesses an uncanny knowledge of myths, archetypes and mystical worlds, and is a true student of fantasy, science fiction, history. It is her deep interest in folklore, as well as intersection of Middle Eastern and North African cultures that originally piqued her interest in the exploration of the influence of different societies, which became the foundation of her novels.

When she isn’t writing, she teaches belly dancing, runs a wine shop and artisan store in western North Carolina, and moonlights for a digital marketing agency.

Important Release Dates

  • Spring 2019 – Long Light
    The Legacies of Arnan, Book Three 
  • Fall 2020 – Storm Forged
    The Legacies of Arnan, Book Four

Interview w/Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast, May 3, 2018

Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast
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