Draígon Weather

Legacies of Arnan: One

The brutal, drought-bringing heat that arises from the colossal, near-mythical Draigon, is a fell portent, heralding the doom of a bad woman.

When Leiel’s mother is sacrificed to the Draigon to relieve the terrible drought, Leiel is marked by the shame brought to her family. She must leave school, relegated to a new life of servitude.

Cleod, the woodcutter’s son, is Leiel’s closest friend. To avenge Leiel’s mother, he vows to rise above his station and join the Ehlewer Enclave, an elite society famed for training men to kill Draigon.

The friends’ lives take different paths. Cleod struggles with divided loyalties as he learns he cannot be a Draigon hunter while remaining a friend to a tainted woman. Leiel seeks forbidden knowledge and old secrets, placing herself in danger of sharing her mother’s fate.

When Draigon Weather returns to the land, Cleod has the chance to fulfill all his promises—both to Leiel and to his new masters, the Ehlewer. But as the rivers choke on their own silt and heat cracks the earth, the choices the two friends made begin to catch up with them, for what plagues Arnan is more than just a monster.

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Wing Wind

Legacies of Arnan: Two

The land withers under the pall of Draigon Weather, ushering in a new Sacrifice in the trading town of Melbis.

Cleod, lead sword of Kilras Dorn’s renowned caravan, finds himself haunted by his failures and the shadow of long-departed Leiel. Shaa, the Draigon that broke and nearly killed him, has returned, and the need for revenge ignites his soul. Now he must choose between two lives — that of solace and friendship or that of violence and death. Whether to be a trusted guardian or a Draigon slayer.

Far to the north, the Draigon share old teachings, laughter, and heartache. Hard lessons prepare the newest of them for the role she will claim. Then, time-honored treaties between Draigon and Draighil are violated, threatening everything the Draigon protect. Now they must decide which is of greater need—continuing the secrets held for centuries or exposing the truth of their existence.

For knowledge, the Draigon know and Cleod will come to understand, can raise a storm to shake the very future of Arnan.

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Long Light Hardcover

Long Light

Legacies of Arnan:

Storms sear over the plains of Arnan, blanketing the trade town of Melbis in silt and suffering. In a land mostly blind to its history, truth has awakened, with dire consequences.

Kilras Dorn spent decades seeing what others do not. Not even those closest to him imagine how many secrets he carries. The long road of his life has demanded both resilience and silence. As hard lessons built toward wisdom, the most important thing he learned was also the most difficult.

Patience is not born.

It is earned.

But Shaa, mightiest of Draigon, has fallen to a Draighil blade, and the secrets of generations are set to peel away like the bark of a birch tree. Now, Kilras’s reticence no longer has value, for the full depth of his knowledge is needed in the fight to come.

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A tightly focused first installment that delivers a delightful twist on the classic folk tale of appeasement by sacrifice, seen through the eyes of two immersive, engaging characters and rewarding the reader with a gripping promise of more to come.

JANNY WURTS, Author - The Wars of Light and Shadow Series
Galactic Stew Anthology

Join us for a feast!

Step into a roadside diner run by witches. Attend a banquet with aliens who are as crass as they are brutal. Eat oysters on the half shell with a pair of conjurers, or scratch out a meal with warring pilots marooned on a desolate planet. Pity the ghost who must cook her way to freedom, and mourn with the warrior who seeks a final delicacy for his lost love. Search the far reaches of space for sustenance or descend into a hellscape of culinary horrors.

In this volume, food is the star! Fantasy and science fiction authors Paige L. Christie, Diana A. Hart, A.L. Tompkins, Esther Friesner, Derrick Boden, Andy Duncan, Chaz Brenchley, Howard Andrew Jones, Mike Jack Stoumbos, R.S. Belcher, Mia Moss, Gini Koch, D.B. Jackson, Jason Palmatier, and Gabriela Santiago have prepared a GALACTIC STEW that will entice and tantalize, nourish the imagination, and sate the most ravenous of literary appetites.

But beware! These dishes are not what they seem…

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Cover - Concrete Dreams: Witches, Warriors, & Wise Women

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Off the Beaten Path #3

Off the Beaten Path #3

More Tales of
the Paranormal

8 Ghost Stories by 8 Authors for $8!

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Storm Forged - The Legacies of Arnan: Book 4

Storm Forge

Legacies of Arnan:

The final book in the series is coming in the Fall of 2020. More details coming soon.