Galactic Stew Anthology


Food is an essential part of life—not just for energy and exotic flavors, but as a unifier during social events, a focal point for establishing culture, and shared experience to put people at ease. In GALACTIC STEW, readers will sit down at the communal table and sup upon stories centered on food. Whether it’s a tense treaty negotiation over a full course meal or a trap devised by the fae to chain you to their realm, these stories are certain to be delectable. Come and savor these delicacies…and hope the taste doesn’t mask a deadly poison!

Edited by David B. Coe & Joshua B. Palmatier

Cover Art by Justin Adams of Varia Studios

Introduction by David B. Coe

“Blue” by Paige L. Christie
“My Brother’s Leaves” by Diana A. Hart
“Snow and Apples” by A.L. Tompkins
“Sense and Sensibility” by Esther Friesner
“The Silence That Consumes Us” by Derrick Boden
“The All Go Hungry Hash House” by Andy Duncan
“Pickled Roots and Peeled Shoots and a Bowl of Farflower Tea” by Chaz Brenchley
“Course of Blood” by Howard Andrew Jones
“A Real Llywelyn Scone” by Mike Jack Stoumbos
“Tender” by R.S. Belcher
“That Final Touch of Salt” by Mia Moss
“Alien Capers” by Gini Koch
“Magick on the Half Shell” by Db Jackson
“Apocalypse Chow” by Jason Palmatier
“Six Sandwiches to Place Inside a Pentagram to Summon Me to Your Presence” by Gabriela Santiago

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Concrete Dreams: Witches, Warriors, & Wise Women


 Stories about witches solving murders and righting wrongs, warriors battling evil—both human and otherwise, and wise women finding the truth and settling scores.

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Become Legend 2020 JordanCon Charity Anthology

The Anthology will only be available for pick up at JordanCon in the Charity Auction Room. The books will NOT be shipped. A limited number of the books will be available onsite for purchase, but are not guaranteed. Pre-ordering is the only way to ensure that you will receive a copy.

Price includes all taxes and fees but is non-refundable. Net proceeds will go to the Mayo Clinic via JordanCon Charities.

If you will not be at the con and are going to have someone else pick it up, please put their first and last name as it will appear on their badge in the Additional Information box during checkout.

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Off The Beaten Path #3


Eight Ghost Stories, by Eight Authors, for Eight Dollars? What’s Not To Love?

  • Eight ghost stories sure to put a chill along your spine.
    Santa Muerte’s Ghost by J.D. Blackrose
    The Girl in the Pool by Samantha Bryant
    Going Nowhere by R. Michael Burns
    The Slaver’s Shade by Paige L. Christie
    The Cave by Jason Gilbert
    Was He Faithful? by Tally Johnson
    Don’t Go There… by Suzette Vaughn
    Sniff-sniff by Robert W. Walker

Series Editor: Jason T. Graves

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