The Heir to the North by Steven PooreSteven Poore’s The Heir to the North is as delightful as it is unexpected. I picked up this book because I enjoyed the author’s post in a online fantasy group, and I was not disappointed.

From the beginning, both the protagonist and pacing are unique, a slow burn that divides into unexpected twists and lets the reader share the heroine’s surprise and uncertainty, fear and wonder, as she journeys to knew cities and lands. Despite limited choices, Cassia lays claim to her own autonomy and in doing so makes herself invaluable in the quest she has been forced to undertake. Though forces move around her over which she has little control or understanding, she maintains her curiosity and her dreams, and never wavers from the idea that she will achieve freedom and her dreams.

Well written and smartly plotted, this novel is perfect for an reader with an appreciation of the power of stories, and a love for unique characters. I loved it and will be looking for more of Poore’s work.