Impatiently Waiting…Destiny’s Conflict

By |2018-01-06T22:11:44+00:00September 16th, 2017|

AAAH! Chapter One of Destiny’s Conflict! OMGS. I want the rest right now! I’m settling for re-reading Initiate’s Trial in renewed preparation.

What a start! So much going on already! This is going to be mind blowing. The cold open with Lysear took my breath away. It’s a stunning reminder of how much pain he is in, and has been in for so long. Once again, Janny Wurts makes me rethink everything that has come before.

And reading anything about Davien now, in light of the Black Bargain!!! Holy cow. (If series fans haven’t read Black Bargain yet – GO GET IT NOW.) I have to view every action and word from Davien from a different angle.

AND I did not see that ‘solution’, if it is such, to Daliana’s problem coming!

This book is going to be…!!!!! Is it here yet? When can I have it?